2006 School Library Media Study

Student Learning Through Wisconsin School Library Media Centers

The recently completed study of Wisconsin school library media programs, commissioned by the Department of Public Instruction, has provided insights into how school library media programs and library media specialists contribute to student success. The study examined the leadership and instructional roles of Wisconsin public school library media specialists required for a quality school library media program and the direct relationship with and impact on student achievement and learning across all grade levels.

The study consists of three components:

  • Quantitative data on library media program structure, resources and operations collected from 855 library media specialists for 1,043 school library media programs. See Final Library Media Survey Report.

  • Qualitative data on the benefits received from library media programs collected from 107 teachers and 3,957 students in 51 randomly selected elementary, middle, and high schools. See Final Teacher-Student Survey Report.

  • Case studies of 5 "best practice" school library media programs. See Final Case Study Report.

Wisconsin DPI thanks all survey participants for their input. See list of participating library media specialists and teachers and students.

The following summary documents are available:


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