Digital Learning Plan Update Spring 2014

Agenda for the day:


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The Digital Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) was created to provide intellectual and practical insights into all aspects of digital learning in Wisconsin. The DLAC was charged with developing a comprehensive plan for PK-12 digital learning in Wisconsin. This report represents recommendations and will continually be updated. The DLAC’s intent is to publish a living digital learning document, which provides recommendations to the State Superintendent on initiatives that  advance PK-12 digital learning, and which serves as a guidepost for educators and digital learning stakeholders.


Agenda for April 23rd Digital Learning Advisory Council spring meeting

Facilitator Guide

8:30-9:00 Check in and Welcomes  (Connie and Mike)

  • Overview of core values of the Agenda 2017 and Digital Learning Plan:  equitable, personalized learning and innovation
  • Focus of day:  input on key issues and priority connected to research/data to help more digital learning forward

9:00-11:45 Four Cornerstone Area Review (Connie and Janice)

11:45-12:30  Lunch and updates from the group

  • Gallery walk of priorities to review the alignment to your own cornerstone group

12:30-2:30 DLAC plan updates, action item updates and FY15-17 budget proposal consensus

  • Crosswalk of four cornerstone and pull out priorities, state initiatives and partnership projects
  • Digital learning plan update language, data points needed, identified research and resource alignment
  • Budget alignment to four cornerstones

2:30-2:45 Plan revision timelines and sharing and discuss DLAC's next steps for 2014-2015



Goal for spring 2014 leading to April 23rd face to face meeting:


  • Update plan on State Superintendent’s digital learning initiatives, legislative news, partnerships and DLAC action items

  • Group agreement on plan updates, emerging topics and new action items related to FY15-17 budget requests

  • Outline of F15-17 budget requests (review budget of WISELearn proposal, additional budget proposal/connections)

  • Discuss DLAC member opportunities for conferences and 2014-2015 activities and partnerships to continue work into 2014-2015 school year and role of DLAC members (external and internal) moving forward.  

  • DIscuss meetings of external DLAC group for the 2014-2015 school year


Four cornerstones of the State Superintendent's Digital Learning Plan:

1) Technical: Infrastructure, hardware and technical staff/professional IT competencies

2) Digital Learning, Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction

3) Instructional: Professional learning, leadership and PLCs

4) Data and Information Systems

Supporting documents:

Budget Dcouments:



Rural Task Force

  • Full Report of Rural Task force May 2014
  • Vice Chair Report 5.5.14


  • April 23rd-May 30th: Writing team finishes final draft of plan revisions and budget updates

  • May 5th-May 15th: review by other stakeholder group, CITSC and internal DLAC members


For questions about this information, contact Janice Mertes (608) 267-1054